Extra Sensory Technology
Cyclops Sight Globe

Our first product, the Cyclops Sight Globe, is available from Summer 2013.

The Cyclops Sight Globe is an adapter which converts a standard blind cane into an extra-sensory device. It uses vibration to convey the location and proximity of nearby objects to the user. Pulsations can be detected through the cane’s handle, and become increasingly intense as an object approaches the sensor. This enables the user to be aware of obstacles in their path without having to come in contact with them.

The Cyclops Sight Globe also contains a self-leveling feature, which keeps the sensors facing away from the user, towards oncoming obstructions, and parallel to the ground. The Cyclops Sight Globe includes an internal battery which is rechargeable via a provided wall plug adapter. To prolong the life of the battery, when the Cyclops Sight Globe is motionless for an extended period of time, it automatically powers down until moved again.

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