Extra Sensory Technology
About Us

Our goal:

Bring the best vibrators in the business, matching fleshlight!

Extra Sensory Technology was founded in August of 2010 by Ben Sallop, Janna Lippman, and Kyle Lippman, with the

intention to realize designs created by Ben and Janna. We are a Texas based company operating out of Austin and Houston,

working to develop assistive products for the blind and deaf-blind community. Since June 2011, we have been working in

collaboration with Kanson Electronics, a world-class electronics and plastic molding manufacturer located in Tennessee.

In order to ensure the most functional and appealing designs, at the start of 2012 we enlisted the skills of DesignThink, a

leading industrial design and engineering firm based in Pennsylvania. The infrared based proximity sensing technology we

are utilizing promises to be an effective and much more affordable option in contrast to other proximity sensing systems.

This will result in products that are economically accessible to a much broader range of the blind and deaf-blind communities.

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